My wife and I were watching the movie Sid and Nancy (IMDB) recently, and she asked what was in their charts suggested they would have such a toxic relationship. I decided to investigate their charts to see if there was a connection between them.

Nancy Spungen

Nancy Laura Spungen was born on 27 February 1958 at 06:52 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. This chart has a B Rodden rating (from memory but unreliable), but it seems to fit. She was a bright child but prone to violent outbreaks. She attacked her psychiatrist. He thought she was acting out for attention’s sake. She started into drugs at a young age.

Saturn-Uranus cycle and major recessions

The Sun and Ascendant are in Pisces. Pisces is the sign associated with music, poetry, and spirituality, but also that of the addict and escapism. Pisces is about music, and one with a strong Pisces will have musical tendencies whether they play it or simply listen to it but are big fans. She was always hanging around musicians and was a groupie for many bands. The Sun, the person’s true nature, is in the twelfth house, commonly known as the house of self-undoing.

The co-rulers of Pisces are Jupiter, the traditional ruler, and Neptune, the modern ruler. Furthermore, they are both in the 8th house of taboos, underworld, transformation, and death and are in a trine aspect to Spungen’s Sun. Trines are typically viewed as positive and help bring things about easily. However, in this case, Jupiter can rule excess while Neptune rules drugs, and combined with the trine aspect these planets make to the Sun, it will make the ability to be an addict come easily.

Also notable is her pre-natal eclipse, which is on the cusp of the eighth house of death and conjuncts Jupiter/Neptune and trining the Sun. Her chart suggests one of an addict, especially since the Sun is the twelfth house of self-undoing.

Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious was born John Simon Ritchie. He was born on 10 May 1957 at 19:09 in London, England. This chart has a Rodden rating of A.

Saturn-Uranus cycle and major recessions

The Sun is the person’s identity, Venus is relationships, and Mercury is communication. These three major planets and the power pre-natal eclipse are all in the seventh house of relationships. This suggests that relationships will highly influence Sid, and he will put a lot of energy into them.

He has a Scorpio rising, which typically can see through anyone’s lies. These people tend to have intense personalities but, if not used positively, can choose to explore the darker and underground side of life. He has Neptune on the Ascendant, so he could be inclined towards music, as shown by the fact he was in several bands before being selected to be the bass player of the Sex Pistols. Based on his upbringing by an addict mother, Neptune on the Ascendant also indicated he also had an addiction to drugs. Neptune is also conjunct the pre-natal solar eclipse by antiscia, suggesting Neptune will negatively affect him.


Spungen’s Chart Over Ritchie’s

We can tell much of one person’s influence over another by superimposing their chart over the other’s. The inner chart is that of Vicious, with Spungen’s chart laid over.


Saturn-Uranus cycle and major recessions

Nancy’s Neptune (drugs and music) is on Sid’s Ascendant, meaning he was drawn to her affection for music. Since Neptune also rules drugs, they would be bad influences for each other. Her Neptune also trined his Mars in the eighth house of taboos and allowed him to vent his anger by engaging in antisocial behaviour. Vicious’s mother was an addict, so Spungen’s Moon in Vicious’s eighth house of underground dealings trines his Chiron of past wounds. In a way, this relationship was about him dealing with his mother issues. In the same way, her Chiron was on his fourth house of family and roots, reiterating the same wounds.


The Davison Chart

The Davison Chart is an actual chart that takes the two people and finds a time between the two birthdates and the birth locations. This chart will describe their union. Unlike the composite chart, this is a real chart that can be advanced by progressions and solar arcs.


Saturn-Uranus cycle and major recessions

The first thing you see in this chart is Uranus on the Ascendant. They were a rebellious couple, not only in the public eye but also within the band. For example, Nancy was barred from accompanying the band on their US tour. The pre-natal solar eclipse can be located in the chart since this is an actual chart. The eclipse is located in the tenth house of career and public image, and it squares the Ascendant. This aspect suggests there will be a public imploding. Seeing she was stabbed to death and he was implicated in the drug-fueled death, it is apropos that this is a predominant signature in the chart. There are theories that he wasn’t the one to kill her, but rather, there was a robbery gone wrong with him being too stoned to know what was going on. He was arrested, released on bail, and later died of an overdose.

Neptune is squaring the Ascendant from the fourth house, suggesting music or drugs would be involved in this union. With the Sun sandwiched between Jupiter and Mars, it suggests there will be excess or violence. This doesn’t always have to be the case because these planets have higher operating octaves, but based on the individuals, it boils down to their upbringing and how developed they have become over time.

In conclusion, to answer my wife’s question, yes, this toxic relationship can be seen in Sid and Nancy’s charts as well as their combined chart. It shows how they enabled themselves down a path of addiction, resulting in each other’s death.

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