December 2018

Aries (March 20 – April 20)

Aries like to have a clear direction and want to charge into the thick of things.  What happens when your head is in the clouds?  What happens if you charge into something where you can’t see a thing?  You run the risk of doing things that are counter-intuitive to your nature, things that are counter-intuitive to your better judgment.  Sets backs happen.  It is better that they come from outside circumstances beyond your control rather than your own making.  Don’t be a bonehead and slow down, think and take some guidance from others.

THEME OF THE YEAR , Nobody can take your power and it is time to show the world what you can do.

Taurus (April 20 – May 21)

This month you have a choice to make.  When you plan to revolutionise your life, are you going to do it in a manner that you can improve your life rather than blow it to pieces?  Your ideas and actions might ruffle some feathers of your friends but the question you have to ask yourself is “So what”?  You’re going to be looking at what is important to others in order to determine what you want.  It shouldn’t be tit for tat but rather do their values match yours.  You like your comfort but make sure this month you get ready to be uncomfortable.  Live it!

THEME OF THE YEAR , Aim high, learn much but don’t let radical concepts throw you for a loop.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

If you have any plan this month and you expect to execute it successfully, then make sure you have the proper backup and support.  Check that all supplies are ready and that you have the backing around you.  Don’t piss off the boss and then expect her to give you and hand.  Don’t snub the barista and then expect to get your coffee on time.  Circle the wagons and have everyone understand where you are coming from with congeniality and firm action plan.  Things will work better for you if you put yourself in other people’s shoes.  Understanding!

THEME OF THE YEAR , Look at what others are doing but put your effort into what you need to achieve.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Purging old ideas makes way for new will give you a fresh start this month.  Don’t wait for a New Year’s resolution to get things moving.  The only problem is that your partner or people who counsel you will feel like they are coming down hard on you.  Use that hardened shell of the crab to filter what is coming your way.  Don’t be thin-skinned or you will just get upset and feel like you’re being attacked.  There is work to be done and you should make the best of this opportunity because you will miss the boat on the rewards that come to you.

THEME OF THE YEAR , Do not give your power to others and seek to be stronger and more creative.

Did you know:

Mercury rules the way you think and communicate?

Leo (July 22 – August 23)

You have to shore things up and get your concepts in all in a row so you can push your agenda forward.  Sure you can have a bunch of ideas that are all over the place but that will get you nowhere.  The rebellion needs a plan and a purpose.  Can you continue the way you are or do you need to make some modifications in your direction?  Like a lion you guys go in bursts, so make sure you are ready for the undertaking for the long haul.  Watch you don’t let your pride get the better of you.  Turn that pride into vision and foresight to make the future better for you and your offspring or artistic/business creations.

THEME OF THE YEAR , You have something to prove and you’re going need to make it happen.

Virgo (August 23 – September 23)

You feel you need to relax and chill out at home, so then make sure you have a clear view of the situation around you.  Observe who is doing what, who is saying what and to whom. If you do not pay attention to that then you run the risk of stirring up past tendencies which get you agitated and angry.  You are aiming for serene.  Take a lot of deep breaths and do yoga as you will have the tendency to blow things out of proportion.   Look for the good in all people and realise that they are living their life the same way you are trying to live yours.

THEME OF THE YEAR , Time to break the mould you have set for yourself. Explore, engage and learn.

Libra (September 23 – October 23)

Are people trying to rub salt in your wounds or are you just reliving your past?  You will be overly sensitive to what has happened to you and look to people to trigger those issues.  There is so much you can learn from this.  First, start by not looking at matters through the lens of what about them and what about me.  Having a discussion will bring you clarity.  Don’t be afraid to open up to spiritual leaders or those you look up to.  The wise judgment will also help you with any financial matters that may be entering your mind.  Don’t act erratically with that regards.

THEME OF THE YEAR , Remember that endings are necessary in order for there to be a new beginning.

 Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)

Do you know that children’s song “Are You Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands”?  Well, I expect you to be happy and clapping your hands.  Journeys, fun and excitement are what should be the goals for this month.  Sure the holiday season is upon us but make sure you don’t make it stressful for yourself.  Delegate some of the responsibility when you can.  Stop being so serious all the time and let your hair down.  You want to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when the New Year starts.  Energy and excitement will come if you chill and relax first.

THEME OF THE YEAR , This is a time to make a name for yourself and grow to your full potential.

Did you know:

days of the week are named after planets who are named after gods?

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

You need to get down to the crux of the matter in your life.  Drilling for oil is a dirty business but that is how you get to the good stuff below.  It is difficult and you have to roll up your sleeves.  Are you ready to do that Sagittarius?  You have the opportunity to really figure out what you want in your life.  Observation and education will be what will get you to the top of your game without playing games.  Don’t go just looking for dirt on yourself but rather what you want to do is to clean up your act such that you have a better understanding of yourself.

THEME OF THE YEAR , When you are focused on your goals, it won’t matter if you are in the dark.

Capricorn (December 21 – January 20)

You are going to rely on that creative aspect in order to costume yourself to get through this month.  It is not about pretending to be someone that you are not but rather emphasising who you really are but in a way others can appreciate.  You need to get noticed this month if you want things to go the best for you.  Hide in the shadows, stay in the shadows.  Move out and make your way into the neighbourhood.  This doesn’t have to be down the street but it can also be down the office hall, or to the next opportunity.  Embrace your power.


THEME OF THE YEAR , This is your year to take the bull by the horns and don’t let go!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Everyone has a song to sing and why not let everyone hear it.  Part of you just wants to sing it in the shower only and the other wants to start the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on a street corner.  The key is to make yourself heard but it doesn’t have to be done with the megaphone as subtle manners are just as effective.  Don’t stifle yourself or your words.  Don’t worry about damaging relationships because if you don’t clear the air there won’t be a relationship to speak of.  The polarisation might be difficult at first but things will smooth out in the end.


THEME OF THE YEAR , An individual but part of everyone, watch how this affects your relationships.

Pisces (February 18 – March 20)

Personal needs and team needs.  Everyone has to work together and they have to do it in a cooperative manner.  There is a need to be aggressive and for you to go after your goals but don’t forget civility and decorum.  You can get things done and achieve what you want but make sure you listen to the wisdom of those you respect even though it seems as though they are not agreeing with your vision.  Stop.  Learn.  Then take action.  Remember, success is not just about being right or wrong, but there are is a give and take that allows you to be a better person.

THEME OF THE YEAR , The road to achievement requires you to cross the bridge of creativity. Dream big.