January 2019

Aries (March 20 – April 20)

There are times when we need to embrace our inner animal and understand the harmony within nature.  You can let things out when they need to come out and feel okay about it or you can decide to take a more gentle approach.  Part of this comes from understanding the element that you are currently in.   If you want to shine then make yourself shine.   Take that knowledge and wisdom you have acquired and put it out there.  Play the role of the sage and try not to be too boastful of what you can do but also don’t shy away from it.  It has taken you some time to get this far, so don’t squander opportunities with self-doubt and fear.  Trust the feminine virtues such as intuition.  It will take you far.

THEME OF THE YEAR , Be yourself and be as bold as you can. No pussyfooting, trot along.

Taurus (April 20 – May 21)

There are times when you have to look for advice from those who know more than you.  However, do not forsake the voices of lesser known people because out of the mouth babes can come some serious wisdom.  Once you have heard this wisdom, do your own research on the matter because you never know when people have their own agenda and that way you can resist being steered in the wrong direction.  Sure, this takes effort and you may not want to put the time in but you might have to put the time later to undo what you don’t want.  Harvest what you want from the relationships you are involved in.  This isn’t being selfish but rather pragmatic. 

THEME OF THE YEAR , Make the most of relationships where there is equality and balance.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

We are all headed on the path of perfection.  We want to be the best but our paths sometimes take us down the road to destruction while others take the path to the top.  Don’t deceive yourself because the grass is always greener elsewhere for everyone.  Some those on the “top” of the world are lacking and those on the “bottom” have a positive outlook.  The middle road looks at shedding that which stunts growth so you can make the slow climb up. Look at your life now and see what you need to let go of in order to make yourself new and improved.  Sometimes it takes a radical outlook.  Look to friends to give you the insight that you cannot find for yourself.

THEME OF THE YEAR , You can’t always go it alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

What will make you smile is a meaningful relationship?  This doesn’t mean a breakup or an affair if you are already in one.  The focus will be on developing one that will bring you joy and happiness.  However, that will have to come with changes.  Remember, relationships are about give-and-take and are not one-sided affairs.  If they become one-sided then that will breed contempt.  On the job front, you will be busy so that is probably why you are looking for support in the off work hours.  Look for changes to the career or job and watch you don’t turn mundane matters into unnecessary conflicts.  Make them worth it if you have to get into one but make sure you document and/or discuss all issues.  Take the high road or at least a different approach.

THEME OF THE YEAR , You cannot do the same old thing. A new you brings new beginnings.

Did you know:

Pluto still brings transformation despite not being classified as a planet?

Leo (July 22 – August 23)

Try not to go all Debbie Downer on yourself this month.  It’s not all that bad.  Just try to avoid overindulgence and make sure you get exercise and take your vitamins.  There are always going to be obstacles that you have to overcome but if you stick to your game plan then you will be able to get to the top of the mountain and subsequently the top of your game.  Follow your intuition.  Sure those voices might not be embodied and you might creep yourself out, but as long as you are not being told to do something illegal, then do what those voices say.  Look to balance work and life and if you turn work into a game then you will have a lot more fun at it than if you just trudge through the daily slog. 


THEME OF THE YEAR , Focus and discipline will be what makes a difference and brings rewards.

Virgo (August 23 – September 23)

Everyone wants to have a good time.  Here is the thing though, you need to be in control of your situation because if you let your life be governed by others or even the desire to be like others, you’ll struggle to get by.  Look, true power comes from within.  It can be from the domination of others or from other people’s fantasies.  Find out what makes you tick and then make things happen for you.  You don’t help yourself if mom wants you to be a doctor and you can’t stand the sight of blood.  Be real to yourself and then you will see the creative juices flowing from you.  Don’t give away your power but take it in your own hands and ride into the sunset of your own movie.

THEME OF THE YEAR , Hiding in the shadows means your life is in the shadows. Learn to shine.

Libra (September 23 – October 23)

There are times you must go on the warpath because the best defence is a strong offence.  You may feel like you are under attack and since this cannot be a definitive reading for all of you, individually you need to determine if you are actually under attack or you just feel like you are.  Just because someone doesn’t value what the same things you do, doesn’t mean they are attacking you!!  You might just be dealing with some insecurities of your own.  In the martial art Aikido, it is all about using your opponent’s actions against themselves or to help you.  It is redirecting energy.  Maybe the partners are trying to get you off your butt so can get moving.  Put thoughts and ideas into action.

THEME OF THE YEAR , Other people will motivate you to make the necessary restructuring of your ego.

 Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)

The saying goes if you want to make an omelette then you have to break some eggs although the loan shark in you says if you want to make a collection, you need to break some legs.  Just kidding but you get my point.  There is a time when you have to take the plastic off the couch and use it.  If you are going to use things then get ready for them to get dinged.   Things don’t stay perfect and pristine in life.  They have to get dirty or scuffed unless of course, you are making computers in a clean room.  You are going to be in a bit of a tug of war between your desires and feelings.  Understand your needs and balance your wants with those because, in the end, you don’t want to end up with a house full of stuff you bought from the shopping channel just because it was there.  

THEME OF THE YEAR , You will not feel better from overindulging. Be more selective.

Did you know:

planetary interactions between two people’s charts describe the couple’s relationship?

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

When you are out on the town you need to be in control of yourself.  Sure, you’re ready to show off who you are and you most probably don’t even realise how you got this state or why you need to be ready to show off.  Learn to slow down a bit.  Look at Taurus.   They stop to smell the roses every once in a while.   They chill and just hang out.  Hard for a fiery brand that you are but try to adopt the art of the slow burn so you can enjoy things as opposed to blasting through life at a rocket pace.   Think more and say less so you can speak what really needs to be heard.  There may be a sense that things are not right and you won’t be able to put your finger on it but wait until next month as things will clear up.


THEME OF THE YEAR , Do what is important to you and don’t underestimate yourself.

Capricorn (December 21 – January 20)

Time to get out there.  You like to be in charge but how much do you like to be in front of people?  This will be your opportunity to shine and show off your skills.  When you are talking about what you know, everyone will be listening.  Resourcefulness is a strength that will fill in the blanks.  Don’t pretend to be a know it all and let them know you’ll get back to them when you don’t know something.  Make sure that things don’t get ugly at home or with your family and watch you are not projecting issues from the career onto them.  Maybe they are not putting the same energy into domestic matters that you demand.  It is nothing charm and discussion cannot correct.  Understand the real issue.


THEME OF THE YEAR , Make this year about you, without those subconscious deterrents.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

There was an advertisement back in the 1970s featuring a song by the New Seekers “I’d Like to the World to Sing”.  Look it up.  That is the theme of this month where you want to work hand in hand and spread knowledge and understanding.  There is a sense that you will bridge different feelings, ideas and bring people together.  This will be noticed by your superiors as well as your peers and you will gain recognition for bringing down borders.  There is a big change coming later this year, so get yourself ready for what it can bring.  Knowledge is power, make sure you empower yourself to the best of your ability.  It will also bring about some healing and closure.

THEME OF THE YEAR , Material things come and go but your soul is within you. Be true to yourself.

Pisces (February 18 – March 20)

Pisceans are known as the sensitive types but there is a bit of harshness that can be built in because you guys can have a fantastical world exist underneath your surface.  However, you can also be scattered at the same time.  It is time for you get organised and come up with an action plan that you need to execute.  No more wishy-washy diluted plans.  You have to get working on your dreams or they will stay that way, just dreams.  Focus some Capricornian energy into your career and start making a mark for yourself or you will be left behind.   You might have your eyes set on travelling but again start saving, set a calendar date and go for it.  Time to get out of bed.

THEME OF THE YEAR , Awaking out of the dreamy slumber and making things happen.