(January 2022)

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A lot of people are worried about the tension growing around the world. The China-Taiwan situation is escalating, but that has been happening for a while. While in Europe, Russia is currently threatening to go to war with Ukraine.

On 20 February 2014, Russia moved in to annex Crimea from Ukraine in a conflict which lasted until 26 March 2014. We can always learn from the past, so what was happening in the sky at that time?

Here were the transits for Russia (25 December 1991, 17:25, Moscow, Russia)

  1. Transiting Saturn was on Venus, the ruler of the Midheaven, which is Russia’s worldly image and also the leader. Saturn also squared the Ascendant (Russia) and the Descendant (enemy or Ukraine).
  2. The previous eclipse was in the 4th house of land.
  3. Transiting Pluto, the planet of power and control, was on Uranus, ruler of the Descendant.
  4. Retrograde transiting Mercury was on the Descendant, and when the conflict was over, it made it to the eighth house of other people’s resources. Mercury rules the second house of resources and allies. Russia got support from within Ukraine from Russian Crimeans.
  5. Transiting Jupiter was opposite the North Node or conjunct the South Node meaning expanding on things for the future or expanding on things they owned (former USSR).

Solar Arc Directions are an excellent technique for highlighting events. Let’s look at Solar Arc for the Crimea annexe. We can see that the Solar Arc Ascendant was exactly conjunct Jupiter in the second house of resources or the Descendant was opposite Jupiter.

As of today, Russia has moved 100,000 troops and tanks to the Ukraine border. The burning question around the world is will Putin’s threat turn into a conflict?

I looked at the transits, and this one for 4 April 2022 came up as an interesting one.

  1. The previous eclipse is on Mercury, the ruler of the second house of resources.
  2. Transiting South Node is on Venus, the ruler of the tenth house of government. The South Node is the past and is highlighting past actions.
  3. Transiting Mars, the planet of war, and Saturn, limits and hardship, are on the Descendent, the house of the enemy, in this case, Ukraine. This suggests they will take the battle to the enemy.
  4. Transiting Uranus, the ruler of the seventh house of the enemy, is also in the tenth house, suggesting it is on the government’s mind. Uranus also makes a positive trine aspect to Jupiter in the second house of resources. There is something to be gained from annexing Ukraine.

The Solar Arc directions for 4 April have the Solar Arc Sun, the ascendant ruler indicating the country, is in a semi-square aspect to Mars in the fourth house. The semi-square aspect is one of tension.

What does Ukraine’s chart look like on 4 April 2022 (24 August 1991 18:00, Kyiv, Ukraine)?

  1. The Nodes are across the fourth-tenth house axis. The tenth house being government, and the fourth being homeland/territory.
  2. The previous eclipse is in the eleventh house of allies. Eclipses are not typically viewed as good. Europe purchases their natural gas from Russia. Some European nations, Germany in particular, are turning a blind eye to the build-up of armed forces on Ukraine’s border because they do not want their heating source cut off in the middle of winter.
  3. Mars, the planet of war, is on the Moon, ruler of the eighth house of the enemy, along with Saturn, ruler of the Ascendant. The Ascendant is the ruler of the people, so it suggests the people going to war against the enemy.

It is a tense time in Europe, but this current aggression can play itself out differently because the Solar Arc directions are not as significant. Maybe it turns out to be angry dialogue, or possibly just some border skirmishes. Time will tell.



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