The big story of the June 2022 was the United States law Roe vs Wade was overturned. Roe vs Wade was a US Supreme Court ruling allowing women the right to abortion and came into effect in 1973 but was overturned this year.

The point is that the United States is going through their Pluto return this year. A Pluto return happens every 246 years. Obviously, people do not experience a Pluto return, but nations do. A Pluto return signals the turnaround of power or regime collapse. That does not mean a country will die, but if that nation is an empire, then you can expect that empire to experience a decline. There will be power struggles, whether within the government, the government against the people, or people against people.

Pluto is also a planet of violence, and the rate of violence in the USA is increasing. The country was founded with a violent revolution, as well as the slaughter of indigenous peoples, slavery of African Americans, and gun-toting violence perpetuated it.

The Roe vs Wade ruling is sparking outrage and counter rage. Let us look at what is going on in the chart. The United States chart is the Lavoie chart 4 July 1776, 16:56 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Roe vs Wade overturning occurred on 24 June 2022 at 10:11. If we look at the time of this event on the USA natal chart, we can see several connections between them.


  • What is interesting to note in the decree chart is the Sun (light and illumination) is on the planet Venus, which is the significator of women. The Sun rules the USA’s ninth house of legislation. This aspect is exact!
  • The previous eclipse occurs in the fifth house, which in natal charts represents children. This period had a schoolhouse slaughter and now a ruling on women’s reproductive rights.
  • Transiting Neptune is about to conjunct the fourth house cusp. This indicates illusions and delusions about the home and homeland. Transiting Neptune is squaring the prenatal New Moon of the USA chart. The new moon in esoteric astrology represents death and rebirth. Neptune is also the planet of spirituality, and while it is in a harsh square aspect, Mars, the warring planet, is in a quincunx to the country’s natal Neptune. There are strong indications the country is in a spiritual battle, one of the open-minded versus the indoctrinated.


All in all, it is going to be a rough ride for the United States over the next two years. I will look at the upcoming midterm elections later and the subsequent presidential elections later.