Currently, I have transiting Neptune squaring my natal Mercury. Although, this is not that strange for me since I have the two in opposition in my natal chart, this has been a particularly difficult transit for me because I feel I cannot focus or think things through despite that I am able to get by in day to day life. It made me wonder what this transit was doing to me.

It finally came to me when I was out for a run. I live in Toronto’s east end and I went for a run down on the board walk in the Beach. It was early November and quite a mild day. I got to the boardwalk and I ran into the fog that had set in around noon, the supposed brightest time of day when you should be able to see clearly. The fog was fairly thick such that I could not see 50 metres ahead of me but I could see the boardwalk directly in front me as I ran. As I was making my way through the “pea soup”, I had that “aha!” moment or could I say the mental fog lifted?

I suddenly understood that Neptune squaring my Mercury was clouding the big picture but I could still manage to get by in performing day to day tasks. I could not see very far ahead but I was able to see right in front of me such that I could avoid dips in the ground, fallen branches and dogs. Therefore, what this was telling me was that I should focus on the tasks at hand but not to waste effort in trying to see the big picture because I cannot see that far ahead. What also helps that I’ve run that route before so I knew where I was going but this would be a different scenario if I was running through unfamiliar territory.

If I did try to run somewhere I never been before I could call someone who knows the path I am running on and they could tell me what they see. This isn’t practical for a run but in life it is. With this transit, if you choose to stray from your familiar turf you must have someone to rely on, someone to tell you if you are coming to a cliff or a dead end or to keep going straight because you yourself can not see it.

Despite the lack of clear vision, I can, however dream of what is to come. The fog shows that there are endless possibilities that lie ahead just as a blank canvas has endless possibilities to the artist. However, when it comes time to actually acting on the dreams one needs to wait for the nebulous air to clear in order to actually enact on it. Is that a beckoning to Neptune’s polar opposite, Saturn, to come out to play?