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When Nirvana, led by frontman/guitarist Kurt Cobain broke out on the scene, they grabbed the attention of the rock’n’roll world by ushering in Seattle’s grunge rock into the mainstream. Sure, Mudhoney and Soundgarden were all on the scene at the same time; it was Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit album that spearheaded the way for other bands like the Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam, and contemporaries Soundgarden to start charting.

Rock music took a new turn as this became the new style of music. It was a combination of punk rock but tempered with slower heavy metal influences, like early Black Sabbath. Grunge lyrics tended to be about themes such as isolation, angst, and neglect. This feel was evident in his ultimate suicide, making him an addition to the 27 Club of rockers to die at 27 years old.

What was it about Kurt Cobain that allowed him to become an icon and grab the spotlight he wanted nothing to do with? Kurt Cobain was born on 20 February 1967 at 19:20 in Aberdeen, Washington, USA.



The Ascendant is described as the mask we wear to face the world. Cobain has the rebellious Uranus on the Ascendant coupled with powerful and persuasive Pluto. Pluto is also the planet of death, suggesting he would be a rebellious transformative person. Uranus is also a planet of ideals. Mercury, the planet of communication, is opposite the Ascendant and conjunct the asteroid Chiron (K-eye-ron). Chiron was the centaur who taught music to Apollo. However, Chiron also holds the distinction of being the wounded healer as he ended up with an injury that would never heal.

He has a Pisces Sun, and Pisces are known for being musical, poetic, and/or addicts. He was a heroin addict from 1990. Neptune is in a loose square to his Sun, and the prenatal solar eclipse suggested that drugs could be an issue with him while highlighting a solid musical presence. Interestingly, enough his Part of Fortune is conjunct the North Node (his destiny) in the 8th house of death. There are elements of self-destruction in his nativity, but what is it about his chart that gave him this notoriety?

My friend and fellow astrologer who has an affinity for fixed stars, Michael Barwick (https://michaelbarwick.com), asked me to look at Cobain’s fixed stars. Fixed stars are the stars of the constellations as opposed to moving objects like planets and asteroids. Michael pointed out that Cobain has Sirius conjunct his Moon. Fixed star author Bernadette Brady states that with Sirius, one will gain far more than is expected. It is a marker of great deeds and makes the mundane sacred.

Nirvana’s album got the whole grunge scene rolling. The Moon is how one gets their needs met, and it rules his house of hopes and dreams. With Sirius on the Moon, it sparked things into action. Astrologers Vivian Robson and Reinhold Ebertin say that it brings fame and honour, but Ebertin adds that Sirius can push things forward too fast, which happened with Nirvana, and at least Cobain. Apparently, Cobain was ready to quit Nirvana at that time. He overdosed several times prior to his death, and bandmate Dave Grohl is quoted as saying that sometimes you can’t save someone from themselves. Cobain, sadly, put a shotgun to himself in April of 1994 and ended his life.




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