Tina Turner passed away on 24 May 2023. She was born Anna Mae Bullock on 26 November 1939 at 22:10 in Brownsville, Tennessee, USA.

Birth Chart

Here is her birth chart.  (If you are new to astrology, click here to learn a bit about how it works.  <Click Here>

One of the first things I noticed in her chart was her Ascendant, Leo. Most of the images I remember of her are with a large mane of hair. Leo is the sign of the performer and showperson. Not all Leo Sun signs appear that way, but if Leo is on the Ascendant, it is more pronounced because the Ascendant is the mask you wear to face the world.

The third house is the house of communication, and Turner has Libra on the cusp making Venus the ruler of her voice. Venus also rules her tenth house of career. Venus is in Sagittarius and in the fifth house of creativity, and it is conjunct the Galactic Centre. This is a point where you will have a global reach. Not everybody with a connection to this point will be world-famous, but you may be famous in your neighbourhood.

Venus is the planet of relationships, and she is well known for her partnership with Ike Turner, who discovered her and eventually married her. They were a well know duo through the sixties and into the seventies. Uranus rules the seventh house of relationships, and Uranus is in the tenth house of career, suggesting that partnerships would be associated with the person’s work.

Ike was very abusive to Tina, which can be seen in the chart by Mars, the planet of war, in the seventh house of relationships. Mars is connected to Uranus via an aspect called the quintile. A quintile suggests there is a special skill. Astrologer Donna Cunningham describes this aspect as the trailblazer/troublemaker (1). The Turners were considered stars, but when the relationship broke up, Ike took everything leaving Tina Turner penniless.

Private Dancer – Transits

She continued to tour, playing smaller venues, but all that changed when she started to tour with bands like Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart, leading to the release of her seminal album, Private Dancer, on 29 May 2023.

What is interesting about this chart is the New Moon was right on her Midheaven, which can be read as a career relaunch. Transiting Saturn going retrograde opposite her Midheaven also suggest refinements and work being put into her career. Transiting Pluto, the planet of transformation, was going across her North Node during this period. The North node tells you where you are going in life, so this transit suggested her life would take a turn.

Private Dancer – Solar Arcs

Solar Arcs move all the planets 1 degree for a year. Solar Arcs progressions tend to indicate events.

If we look at the Solar Arcs for that period, Solar Arc Chiron was in her first house opposite her Mars. It suggests that she was going to be a maverick, and that would provide healing, almost thumbing its nose at the abuse she suffered during her marriage to Ike.

Neptune, the planet of music, is opposite the Midheaven, indicating this is a significant event for her musically. However, there was another event at this time. The Solar Arc Pre-Natal Eclipse was on her Sun. Eclipses are described as super new moons. It brings intensity and significant changes in a person’s life, especially since the Sun is a person’s identity, life force, and mission in life.

The release of Private Dancer launched her into stardom, allowing her to set a Guinness Book of Records Prize for selling more live concert tickets than any other solo performer in history. Thanks for the music, and rest in peace.

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