A psychic dwarf escaped from prison. Be on the lookout for a small medium at large!

I need to clear up some terminology for the laypeople out there who do not understand the different techniques that esoteric consultants use.

Psychic: This is a person who “see” the past, present and future, and they can tell you what you are going through.  They do not needed to use a tool to divine their predictions.  That being said, many psychics will use tools (cards, crystal balls, etc.) for reasons such as making their client feel good because the client has something physical to look at.   Some psychics also will use tools to double-check their premonitions.

Card Reader: Cards can be Tarot, playing cards, and other Oracle decks like Angel Cards.  These fall into two groups.  The first is a person who is well versed in cards and will give you a reading based on the cards and their position.  The second is the psychic who is using the cards.  Both can give good readings.  Other similar techniques include Runes.

Tea Leaf Readings: You drink a cup of tea.  When you are almost done, the reader will take your cup and will swirl it around and dump the excess water.  The reader will then interpret the tea leaf images left in the cup with different areas of the cup representing past, present and future.

Astrologers: Astrologers cast a chart using your birth date, year, time (exact) and place of birth to cast an astrological chart.   They read the chart by comparing the planetary placements at times after your birth to your birth chart in order to tell you what you’ve done and what you will do.  Astrologers are not psychics.  They can be, but you don’t have to be a psychic to be an astrologer.

Palmistry: is very similar to Astrology and it is very common if you tell someone you are an astrologer, the will thrust their hand towards you.  Palmistry works with the shape of the hand and the lines on the hand.  These lines tell you about your character, and there is timing involved.  Lines change over time as you live your life.  You may have had the potential to do something, but that can change with life’s choices and so will your lines.

Numerologists: Like astrologers, numerologists read the numbers associated with your birth date and your full name.   They look at the current date and compare that to the birth date and name numbers to give you an indication of what you will do or what has happened.

Mediums:  Mediums are not necessarily psychics, while they might be, the medium is a person who can communicate with the dead.  They will give you messages that there is no way someone can’t know.  One medium friend of mine was talking to my mother.  My mom gave the medium a piece of information about an item she was buried with, and there is no way the medium could have ascertained that fact in any other way.  I even forgot that piece of information 12 years after my mother’s death.

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