On 18 June 2023, a submersible vessel, the Titan, developed and run by Oceangate, set off to visit the wreckage of the historic Titanic 3810m below sea level. The vessel with five people on board, including the designer, engineer Stockton Rush, was crushed in its descent. Military nuclear submarines can only go 300m. While other submersible vessels have made their way to the Titanic, such as Russia’s Mir and France’s Nautile, the Titan did not.

Many safety protocols were ignored after completing several test dives to the depth in 2021 and 2022. It is believed the previous voyages weakened the vessel and that further investigation would be necessary. While I would love to go on about the materials’ stress-strain curves and other engineering factors, I will turn to the astrology of the event.


Firstly, let us look at Stockton Rush’s chart. He was born on 31 March 1962 in San Francisco, USA. We do not know what time he was born, which makes delineating his life difficult, but we can get a sense of what he is like. He was a military pilot, test pilot, engineer, and entrepreneur.

His Sun sign is Aries, which indicates a person who likes to jump in feet first and then asks how deep or what temperature the water is. He has Saturn in Aquarius, which is true for about 2.5 years, but it lends itself to looking to learning and being disciplined in the study. It sextiles his Sun in Aries, which is oriented to machines. This makes a good aspect for engineering. It would also give him a competitive nature.

However, his Moon in Aquarius next to his Saturn can bring out a rebellious nature. It is next to his pre-natal solar eclipse, indicating an intensity in emotions and that he could let them get the better of him.

The Titan’s Dive

Let us look at the chart of the dive. The Titan reportedly started its descent around 8:00 EDT on 18 June. The chart for the beginning of the event will be set to the coordinates of the Titanic.

There are several things about this chart that are not good for the initial launch.

  • Jupiter, the ruler of the eighth house of death, is on the chart’s Midheaven. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, which rules the sea, and Pisces is on the eighth house of death.
  • Neptune, the sea, in the eighth house of death, and the modern ruler of Pisces (eighth of death) is squaring the Sun, the ruler of the chart, since the ascendant has Leo on the cusp.
  • Uranus, sudden events, is in the tenth house, or how the launch is seen. It squares the ascendant or the voyage.
  • The previous solar eclipse is on the north node of the chart or where the chart is going. Eclipses are powerful indicators and can have devastating effects.

This was not a good chart for launching a deep sea dive. It would have been better to choose a different time. However, sometimes fate brings us to a particular time, and we go with it.

Titan’s Chart to the Titanic’s Sinking Chart

However, things become quite intriguing when we overlay the chart of the Titan launch on the chart of the Titanic hitting the iceberg.  According to www.astro.com the Titanic hit the iceberg on 15 April, 1912 around 02:38 GMT, at 41°E44’, 49°W57’.


  1. The Sun, the ruler of the chart of the Titan launch, is conjunct to the Pluto (death) of the Titanic’s chart.
  2. Neptune (water) of the Titan launch is exactly conjunct the previous New Moon of the Titanic and conjunct the Moon, which rules the Titanic’s 8th house of death.
  3. Chiron of Titan, the asteroid of mavericks, is conjunct with the North Node of the Titanic. Both captains had a maverick sense about them and with the North Node representing the direction one heads towards, I find it fitting that Rush had a need to head towards to the Titanic at all costs.
  4. The powerful previous eclipse in the charts are opposite each other, almost calling to each other to their demise.

It seems that these two voyages seem to be karmically connected to each other.







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