Horary Astrology is the art of interpreting a chart to usually get a yes/no answer and it is based on the time the question is asked. You can answer such questions as: should I take this job? Should I marry this person? Should I buy this house? There are just a few examples of the type of questions a horary reading can answer.   In most cases, the chart is set for the time the astrologer understands the question, as some questions may have multiple layers, and the astrologer has to connect the dots. The location used is the astrologer’s location. In the case of a crime such as the disappearance of a person, my good friend and world-renowned astrologer, Alphee Lavoie (www.alphee.com), has taught me to use the time that the 911 call is made (112 in France). You set the chart for that time, and you use the location of where the 911 call was placed. Alphee has worked with the FBI on missing person cases.

When I hear of a missing person’s story, I usually try to follow along with the news to see if I can help. However, without the time of the 911 call, which you would need to get from the police, I will have to make some assumptions. One such case is the disappearance of Emile Soliel.

On Saturday, 8 July 2023, Emile was getting ready for an outing with his grandparents when he went missing in the small village of Haut-Vernet in the French Alps. According to reports, he left his grandparents’ home, where some people saw him but “lost sight of him” at a family reunion. Yahoo News (1) states the grandparents reported him missing at 17:15.

The other important fact to note prior to interpreting the chart is who made the call. This information sets up the chart, as I will describe later in this article. Since one of the grandparents made the call, that would mean the ascendant of the chart (area marked 1) would be the grandparents. In a horary, the first house is the person asking the question so that the chart will be read relative to them.

I cast the chart for the 8 July 2023, in Digne, at 17:15.

In astrology, the chart that is cast is called the radical chart, with the first house as the ascendant. When we want to find out about another person, we look at the derived or turned chart. Let’s say we want to look at a person’s pet. Pets are the sixth house. We rotate the radical chart to make the sixth house the first house, and we can start reading the chart from the pet’s perspective. The pet’s sixth house would be the pet’s health. That would be the eleventh house in the radical chart.

The grandparents are ascendant (cusp of the first house) in the radical since one of them made the call. The fifth house of a chart rules the children of the first house person, which would be Emile’s parents. Therefore, the cusp of the ninth house being the fifth house from the fifth (note the fifth house starts as one) would be the missing child or Emile.

The cusp of the ninth house has Leo on it, making the Sun the ruler that represents the boy. The Sun is in Cancer. Cancer is a water sign suggesting the child is in water. Cancer rules wells, baths, canals, basements, homes, marshes, motels, restaurants, places sheep are kept, taverns, or trailer houses. Cancer also rules the family.

The radical chart’s ninth house, or the derived chart’s first house, has Mars and Venus in it. Mars is typically not good as it suggests violence, sex, accidents or even murder. However, there are a couple of other interpretations.

Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, and Scorpio is on the fourth house derived cusp. Taurus is on the tenth derived chart making Venus the ruler of the tenth. The fourth is the father, and the tenth is the mother. Since both Venus and Mars are in the first house, one interpretation is that the child is with the parents.

Another interpretation is the child has been kidnapped. The seventh house is open enemies. In the derived chart, the seventh from the fourth is the tenth, so Venus would represent the father’s open enemy in this case. Kidnappings are twelfth house events, so in the derived chart, the Sun (ruler of the boy) is in the twelfth house. Mercury is in the twelfth house. Mercury also rules vehicles, suggesting the boy was abducted by a person driving a vehicle. The ninth house rules foreign lands, and the derived chart Aries is on the cusp of the ninth. Mars rules Aries and is the boy’s first house.

According to an Evening Standard report (2), the child’s father, Colomban Soliel, has a disturbing past. In 2018 he was arrested for attacking foreigners (2). He had links to the far-right group Action Française. He supported Éric Zemmour’s run for president last year, a man who is a convicted racist and Islamophobe. Therefore, a kidnapping is probable in this situation.

Since the Sun is in the eighth house, it indicates the boy is located southwest of where the 112 call was placed. The distance can be a bit trickier to find. The Moon is used to help determine distances as it is a co-ruler of the question. The Moon is approximately 18 degrees from making a square aspect to the Sun or the boy. One would have to look 18m, 180m, 1.8Km, 18Km. Although, William Lily states if the significator is in succedent houses, it would be double that.

The shortest distance would be in a neighbour’s house.

The next distance would be 1.8km to 3.6km.


Using Millenium Star Trax, using local space suggests due west, which would put him in the town of Verdaches. He could be in a home or basement there.

I pray the boy is found safe, but probably it will not be known for weeks.

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