At 06:30 on 7 October 2023, the terrorist group Hamas launched an attack on Israel, killing innocent concert-goers and raiding villages, slaughtering families, and taking hostages. All the military pundits say that Israel was taken by surprise by this attack.

The chart of Israel that I am using is set for 16:33 on 14 May 1948. The first house of the chart represents the native, while the opposite house, the seventh, represents either partners or open enemies. The natal chart of Israel has the Sun, the North Node, and the previous solar eclipse in the seventh house.

This region has had a long history, and I am not an expert on the Middle East and all that has happened. However, I do not condone the heinous attacks of the terrorists, nor do I condone the bombing of civilians. I am merely looking at this as an astrologer.


Looking at Israel’s chart, the Sun or the nation’s identity, is in the seventh house. This means they relate themselves with respect to others. Their identity is dependent on that of the other people and tone of the relationship with the others. Biblically, they are the chosen race, meaning they differ from others on Earth.

The country came to be from populating a Middle Eastern territory with disposed people from Europe who faced the atrocities of the Holocaust. However, in forming a region for those people, people who lived in the area before were dispossessed of their land. So, the previous solar eclipse is an intense energy in the seventh house, known as the house of relationships but also the house of open enemies. The eclipse adds a flavour of tension to the house it occupies and brings an intensity to deal with the issues at hand.

The tenth house of outward appearance contains Mars, the god of war, Pluto, the god of destruction and death, and Saturn, the god of limitations and difficulties. The Moon, the planet that represents the people of the nation, is also in the tenth house. It means there will never be an easy time for the population of Israel.


Let’s look at the transits of 7 October.

If an astrologer was paying attention to this chart, one could see that Israel would be under attack because transiting Mars, the god of war, is on the chart’s Ascendant. However, that happens close to every two years. What makes this episode worse is that the previous solar eclipse is on the Descendant, opposite the Ascendant and transiting Mars.

Transiting Pluto, the planet of death, destruction and transformation, is in the 3rd house of neighbours. It squares Mars and the previous eclipse, bringing in a higher level of tension and destruction to the chart.

Transiting Uranus, a planet that brings an unexpected event to the chart, is on Israel’s Sun, along with the fact that transiting Venus, the planet which rules the 7th house of enemies, is directly on Israel’s Mars, the planet of war and aggression. Transiting Venus is in a problematic quincunx aspect with transiting Pluto, meaning there needs to be adjustments that may be hard to swallow.



Let us look to the past to see if we can detect patterns of when Israel engages in a conflict. The 2022 Gaza–Israel clashes lasted from 5 to 7 August 2022 where Israel launched over 140 airstrikes.

Here are some other events showing this chart is a good chart for Israel.

30 October 2021 – Mars on Israel’s Ascendant

Israel had “fired a salvo of surface-to-surface missiles from northern occupied Palestine targeting positions near Damascus”, injuring two, according to Syria. There were unconfirmed accounts that the target was a weapons convoy – a total of five fatalities.[1]

21 March 2019 – Mars on Israel’s Sun

There were a couple of significant events on this day:

  • Four Palestinians killed by Israeli fire[2]
  • Donald Trump recognises Israel’s rule over the Golan Heights[3]

14 February 2019 – Mars on Israel’s Descendant

Hundreds of Druze rallied on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights to mark the plateau’s annexation and show support for Syrian President Assad.[4]

22 September 2018 – Mars on Israel’s IC (cusp of 4th house)

Ten thousand Palestinian protesters threw rocks, explosive devices, and rockets. Soldiers responded with tear gas and occasional live fire. Hamas launched “arson balloons”, sparking fires near Israeli communities. Israel responds with military aircraft fire at suspected targets.[5]

5 June 1967 – Six Day War (against Egypt)

The previous solar eclipse occurred in May 1967, and that eclipse was right on Israel’s pre-natal eclipse. The Solar Arc Ascendant was opposite the pre-natal eclipse. Jupiter, the planet of religion and law, was on Israel’s Midheaven. Transiting Saturn was exactly opposite Israel’s natal Neptune in the 12th house.


We can see that Mars and the solar eclipse are major triggers for this chart. It is especially when it contacts the Ascendant-Descendant axis, the natal Sun and the pre-natal eclipse.

This quick analysis shows how astrology can work for a country and that it can anticipate upcoming events.







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