Initial Study into Aeroplane Crashes.

As part of the Astrological Investigators headed by Alphee Lavoie (, we like to explore various astrological phenomena for different vocations or diseases in birth charts or event charts. In this study, I examined 1264 aeroplane crashes throughout history using Fast Research (


Just so the charts are more understandable, there is a statistical value called Chi-square.

X2  = ( observed-expected )2

The statistically significant Chi-square value, meaning something is out of the ordinary, is 3.84 for one degree of freedom. The analysis of my studies is all one degree of freedom. An example is if you look at all the cars that pass in front of your house during the day, you expect to see blue, black, white, and grey. You would see the occasional red car. But if you were to see 20 different orange cars, not just a neighbour with an orange car coming and going, but 20 different ones, that would be a bit unusual.


The first criterion I looked at is the position of the Sun in signs. When looking at your daily horoscope, that is what it means when you say, for instance, you are a Taurus – the Sun was in Taurus when you were born.

The statistically significant Chi-square value, meaning something is out of the ordinary, is 3.84. The chart has mean (1264/12) = 105.3 crashes if things were to happen equally.

The graph shows the distribution of the aeroplane crashes across the signs. The results show that from 22 November to 22 January, there were more than expected crashes. This equates to the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere. Logically, this makes sense.

Also of note, Taurus, from 20 April to 20 May, there were fewer than expected crashes. The Gemini and Scorpio seasons also have less near the statistical significance point.


If we consider the Sun’s astrological house placements, it follows logic. In this analysis, I use the Placidus house system, where the houses can be unevenly distributed depending on the time of year and the latitude of the event.

Here are the results for the Sun by House.

​As you can see, there are fewer crashes after midnight because there are probably fewer flights occurring during this time. While transcontinental flights may be going on, fewer planes of smaller size are in the sky during the night hours.


The Moon in signs does not have any statistical outliers. The Moon in Taurus again has fewer crashes than the average, while the Moon in Virgo is closer to the upper limit, and Aquarius is slightly higher than the average. 


The phase of the Moon is always of interest. The Full Moon would be when you expect crazy things to happen. Here are the results for the Moon Phase.

We can see that the first quarter Moon tends to have more than expected crashes. However, there are fewer crashes if we group the Moons around each phase leading into the New Moon and just coming out of it. Showing that the Full Moon, in this case, is not as bad as we would expect it to be. This is probably due to there being more light when flying at night.



This study is far from over, but we can conclude there are more aeroplane crashes during the winter months and fewer from midnight to dawn. Also, the Full Moon seems to have the opposite effect.

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