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There are a couple of different techniques used in astrology to examine the energy of a couple.  This can be considered a birth chart of the partnership.

Composite Chart

The first technique is the Composite chart.  All the points in the chart are averaged against each other, and a new point is created.  For example, if one person’s Sun is at  0° of Aries and the other person’s is at 30° of Aries, the composite chart would have a 15° Aries Sun, and so on so on through the planets and the angles. One problem with this is that it is not an actual chart. In most cases, at no time would there be a place and a time where the planetary placements could occur.

Davison Chart

This chart is different because it takes the averages of the birthdays and the location and comes up with an actual chart.  If person A is born on 1 January 2000 at 0:00, and the other is born on 1 January 2001 at 0:00, then the Davison composite will have a birthday of approximately 30 June 2000 0:00 (give or take).  The same goes for the place. This chart will be for an actual time and place.  If one person is born in London and the other in Toronto, the average will be in the middle of the ocean, but it would still be a place on Earth.

My mentor, Alphee Lavoie, has always stressed the importance of the Davison chart over the composite chart.  The fascinating thing about the Davison is if you create a chart for a group and look at transits that will affect the group.

Let’s take the Beatles, for instance. Here is the Davison chart for the Beatles.

A quick Natal analysis of The Beatles shows:

  • the Sun conjunct Neptune (Music) and conjunct the North Node, their destiny. The Sun and Neptune, the planet connected to drugs and addictions, are both in the 12th house of self-undoing.
    1. Jupiter is in a square aspect in the 9th of publishing and foreign lands, giving them a larger-than-life persona.
    2. The Sun/Neptune/Node are also square the Galactic Centre. If this point is activated in a chart, it does bring global notoriety.

The Beatles got into heavy drug use, but near the end of their career, the other Beatles were taking issue with John’s heroin addiction.

  • A retrograde Mars (war) in the already aggressive Aries in the 7th house of relationships was what gave them their drive. However, it also brought about the battles that eventually ended the group.

So what can the transits to the Davison chart show us?

On 27 August 1967, the manager of the Beatles passed away. On that day, the Solar Arc progression for that time had Solar Arc Saturn 2 minutes of arc squaring the Natal Sun.  The square is a problematic aspect and brings conflicts. Saturn is the planet of endings, and it is also the ruler of the chart’s fourth house of endings.  It was in a precise square to the natal Sun or the band’s identity.

Many people feel the death of Epstein was what led to the band’s eventual downfall. Epstein managed the band’s finances and helped with the communication between members.  With him out of the picture, there was reportedly an increase in dysfunctionality between band members.

Pluto, the planet of death, transformation, and power struggles, had been transiting over the band’s Sun from September 1968 until July 1970. The final exact conjunction occurred on 22 August 1969.  What happened on that day in the history of the Beatles?

It was a photo shoot, and the last day the Beatles would appear together. The photo, shown here, was used for the Hey Jude album released later in January of 1970. What was going on in the sky on the 22nd?

  • Transiting Pluto (death, transformation, power struggles) was exactly (0° of arc) conjunct the Sun (life force, the essences) of the band.
  • The previous solar eclipse was opposite (0°07′ of arc) the band’s natal Neptune, so basically exactly opposite Neptune. Eclipses are forboding, and in my last newsletter, I talked about Tiger Wood’s having the transiting eclipse on his Midheaven when he had his accident. Neptune is the ruler of music, so something was destined to happen to the band’s music as a collective.
  • Uranus, the planet of revolts and independence, was close to the ascendant. It was precisely on the Ascendant on 9 September. When John, Paul, and George had a meeting to discuss the future of the Beatles.  Ringo was in the hospital, but they brought a tape recorder so Ringo could listen afterwards.

The timing of the Beatles’ historical events relative to the band’s Davison chart shows it is accurate and effective.  I will look to expand on this article in the future.

Reference: https://www.beatlesbible.com/

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