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Moons of May 2021

The void-of-course Moon is when the Moon has made its last Ptolemaic aspect to a planet before changing signs.  The void-of-course Moon is not a good time to initiate any action, as nothing will come of the matter.

  • Do not apply to jobs at this time.
  • Don’t ask for loans or a raise.
  • Don’t ask anyone out during this period.


From the New Moon to the Full Moon is a favourable time for increasing activities.

A few days after the Full Moon to the New Moon is useful for decreasing/releasing activities.

Note all times are in EDT


Moon in Capricorn 01-May-21 00:00  
Moon void of course 02-May-21 10:37
Moon enters Aquarius 02-May-21 15:30  
Last Quarter 03-May-21 15:50 Moon 14° Aquarius
Sun 14° Taurus
Moon void of course 04-May-21 20:05
Moon enters Pisces 04-May-21 22:08
Moon void of course 07-May-21 03:36
Moon enters Aries 07-May-21 07:52
Moon void of course 09-May-21 18:49
Moon enters Taurus 09-May-21 19:46
New Moon 11-May-21 14:59 22° Taurus
Moon void of course 12-May-21 08:23
Moon enters Gemini 12-May-21 08:42
Moon void of course 14-May-21 06:50  
Moon enters Cancer 14-May-21 21:30
Moon void of course 17-May-21 02:22
Moon enters Leo 17-May-21 08:43
First Quarter 19-May-21 15:12 Moon 30° Leo
Sun 30° Taurus
Moon enters Virgo 19-May-21 16:59  
Sun in Gemini 20-May-21 15:36  
Moon void of course 21-May-21 15:55  
Moon enters Libra 21-May-21 21:35
Moon void of course 23-May-21 17:56  
Moon enters Scorpio 23-May-21 23:00  
Moon void of course 25-May-21 17:19  
Moon enters Sagittarius 25-May-21 22:39  
Full Moon / ECLIPSE 26-May-21 07:13 Moon 6° Scorpio
Sun 6° Taurus
Moon void of course 27-May-21 13:35  
Moon enters Capricorn 27-May-21 22:23
Moon void of course 29-May-21 18:14  
Moon enters Aquarius 30-May-21 00:04