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Edit for 6-Jan-2021.  The storming of the Capitol Building in Washington will be a flavour of the events to come.  Most of the astrological community does not think this inauguration chart will be favourable.  At the time of the storming 14:15, Mars was in 29°56′ of Aries.  The last degree of a sign is considered a critical degree.  Mars and the sign it rules Aries, will raise issues of anger and that is what happened on that day.  With the crowds dispersed from the Capital does not mean that anger will go away.  

The inauguration of USA president-elect Joe Biden will occur on 20 January 2021.  Previous ceremonies have started at 11:30 am so I will use the same time.  Here is the chart:


  1. Pluto, the planet of death, is conjunct the previous New Moon in the tenth house of government or the leader. The aspect could be interpreted as the leadership is changing amidst the backdrop of a pandemic crisis facing the country.  However, it could represent the end of one leader and the beginning of a new one.
  2. Mars/Uranus conjunction! Mars is violence and aggression, and Uranus is sudden and explosive actions. The conjunction occurs in the chart’s first house, suggesting it will affect the nation’s people and be a prominent event.
  3. Jupiter is in a square aspect to the Mars/Uranus conjunction from the first house will make this a big thing as Jupiter tends to expand and make somethings larger. Jupiter in the tenth house brings everything back the government or the leader.
  4. Eclipses represent significant events. The previous eclipse is in the eighth house of death.
  5. The Sun represents the king (president) and the Sun in this chart is at the midpoint between Jupiter (ruler of the eighth house of death) and Pluto (death). The Sun could represent the national identity and bringing some revolutionary changes to it.

The Moon can be used for timing, and the chart for 15:35 will have the Moon conjunct Uranus/Mars in the fifth house and in an exact quincunx aspect to the chart’s ascendant.

This chart does not give you the warm and fuzzies as it portends a violent event directed at a nation’s identity and possibly directed at its leader.  It could represent a radical change that would be indicative of the incoming government’s approach as opposed to the previous.  It can be the chart of revolution.   Moving it a few days later would help, but you cannot do that.


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