Astrology is an occult art that has been around for millennia and they have been incorporated into religious texts.  The techniques are well established. Astrology is once again becoming part of the university curriculum as it was in the Renaissance where most scientists had at least some astrological training.  There is more research performed today, and even some older methods of interpreting charts have been rediscovered.

There are several forms and uses for astrology with the most common being Natal Astrology or the personal horoscope. The meanings of the various types are delineated below.

Natal Astrology, of which Sun Sign astrology is a derivative, is the analysis of an individual’s chart. This is the most common use for astrology. The person’s natal chart can tell you about the person’s outlook on life, about his/her childhood, parents, siblings, spouse, career, friends, value system. Of course, these facets can all be affected by the person’s upbringing, but the general disposition is shown in the chart. From the chart, the astrologer can also forecast upcoming events or issues. To construct the natal chart, the person’s birthday, time of birth and place of birth are all required.

Sun Sign Astrology is what you see in the daily paper and magazines. It is an analysis of the chart for the each of the signs as a whole (i.e. Aries, Taurus, etc.) and it gives general forecasts for various periods (e.g. days, weeks, months or years). The astrologer will cast a chart for the beginning of the period in question and look at the planetary movements during this period to see how it impacts each sign. Although it can be general, it can have its moments of uncanny accuracy. For instance, a woman sought my services after reading my column in a magazine, as she felt it was extremely accurate for her.

Mundane Astrology is the study of political events, countries/organisations or world events. The word mundane is from the Latin Mundanus which is from Mundus meaning world. The astrologer will read the chart of the organisation or country in a similar manner that he/she would read a person’s natal chart.

The birth time of a company is usually taken as the time when the stock market opens on the first day of trading that companies stock. Weather prediction also falls under Mundane astrology. The season’s weather can be predicted by casting a char for the beginning of the season and reading the chart accordingly. If an election happens during a season, this same chart can be employed to determine if the current government will remain in power or not.

Financial Astrology is a popular branch of astrology, especially for those who invest in the stock market. As people are subjected to life cycles so too are cities, countries and companies are also subjected to similar cycles. For instance, where Saturn (difficulties) squaring (conflict) Venus (relationships/money/values) could represent relationship issues in a Natal Chart, in a company chart, it could represent financial issues.

Horary Astrology is a divinatory tool used to answer a question based on the time at which the question is posed to the astrologer. Horary comes from the Latin word for hour. The answer can be ascertained from the chart and can answer many questions, such as: Where is my ring? Which direction did the thief go? Should I sell this property? Will this marriage last? Will the operation be successful?

Astro*Carto*Graphy (locational astrology) is a branch of astrology which determines the best place for a person to live based on planetary lines drawn around the globe. A particular facet of a person’s life can be enhanced by moving to that planetary line which controls a particular aspect of his/her life.

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