In January 2016 we saw the death of a musical pioneer.  David Bowie, who died on January 10th just after the release of his new album, was an influence on many musicians.  He was a seminal figure in the art-rock movement.  His unique approach and changes in musical styles to stay relevant are a testament to his persona.

David Bowie was born 8 January 1947 at 09:04 in Brixton, London, England.


Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité 

He is an Aquarius rising.  These are people who are slightly out of the norm because they have ways of looking at things in a unique fashion.  They are revolutionaries.  They also call for equality.  There is a very good video on YouTube where he chides an MTV interviewer for ignoring Black artists.   He calls out the station for sequestering Black artists outside of prime time slots.

He also pushed gender roles with his androgynous stylings as well as with his bi-sexuality.  There was wonderful gif that went around showing all his different styles again which morphed from rock star to Star Man to Germanic Minimalist and so forth.  He was born with the Sun in his 12th house with some people it gives them a sense of not really figuring out who they are and this could be explained by the various phase of persona.

Never shying away from a new style, even musically, in 1997 he came up with an album done in drum and bass/techno style but less repetitive and with lyrics rather than samples.  Again, Aquarians are all about innovation.  His albums all went through different styles through different ages.


Many times people with strong Neptune connections in their charts are either musicians or people who love music, poetry and art.  Neptune also rules fashion and as it can be seen it had a strong influence in his chart.  Bowie has Neptune in the 8th house of taboos and sex makes a difficult aspect to his Sun in the 12th house of sub-conscious, spirituality and also undoing.

Neptune is also associated with drugs and alcohol as well as spiritual connections.  It could be considered a planet of escapism.  Nevertheless, many times artist with Neptune-Sun connections do have addiction issues and some of them fatal.  Amy Winehouse had a square (90°), Whitney Houston-trine (120°), Jimi Hendrix-sextile (60°).  Now, this doesn’t mean you would have addiction issues but depending on the lifestyle, you could get connected to people that can take you over the edge.  Bowie had dealt with addiction issues in the past but never went past the point of no return.


Bowie showed he could fare well in the world of business.  This was probably due to the fact that he was a Capricorn with Mars in Capricorn.  Capricorn tends to be the conservative sign of the zodiac associated with order, structure, limits and is the sign of bosses and bankers.

Mars is the planet of action and it holds high esteem when in Capricorn.  The Aquarius ascendant is who he is to the world and it is his first line of defence in behaviour and his natural actions but he is too far successful to be reckless and dead at 27 years of age.   Instead of just being the strange Star Man, he had a strict business sense where he would hold off on signing contracts until they met his standards not only financially but integrity wise as well.  Mercury, the planet that rules communication and negotiations is also in Capricorn, a good sign for business dealings.  The following article highlights his business acumen:

All in all, he was a brilliant musician, personality and person.  I thank him for all the music and memories of my youth.

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