Astrology and Business:  Samsung and Note 7

Did you know corporations or companies can have an astrological birth chart?  An astrological chart marks the time something or someone is born.  In the case of your birth chart, it delineates your life journey but the same principle applies to a partnership/marriage or even companies.  The birth time for a publicly traded corporation will be when the company has its Initial Public Offering or IPO.  For smaller companies, it can be when they hang their shingle up or when they are officially registered as a company.

Major events of a company can be timed like individual’s chart for example when they go through financial difficulties.  If a person is having an identity or emotional crisis, in the case of a company it could be translated as a change in leadership or a difficult restructuring.

Astrology can be used to pick the time of events such as that of a new product release.  That event will have a birth chart as in the birth of the product.  While the timing of the release is an important factor we must also compare it to and see how that meshes with the company chart.

Take for example the release of ill-fated Samsung Note 7 and that of the Samsung IPO.  The product was unveiled on Aug 2, 2016, where presale orders were taken but August 19, 2016, was the official release day.  Assuming that South Korea would be the first place to sell the phone and stores open at 10:00 am, the astrologer would cast that chart.

The release chart has several issues with it suggesting there will be problems with the launch such as difficult planetary alignments and eclipse placements.  The chart of the IPO shows that Samsung would have been going through difficulties at that time period regardless.   However, because the event (the release) occurred then that forced the difficulties to manifest through the release of the phone.  Otherwise, if they did not release the phone, the events could have transpired as just some management or company directional issues that would not be as seen in the public eye.

They say timing is everything.  Astrology is all about timing.  Why not use astrology as a tool that can help you navigate upcoming events.  Most people look to the weather forecast in order to decide what to wear.  Those are constantly being corrected as you get closer to the day in question.  With astrology, you can know the event happening in the future or at least the flavour of the event and how it will affect you.  This is just an example of how a situation could have been avoided in business.

If you are curious about the technical astrological details refer to the article: