There was a famous study put out by psychologist Bertram R. Forer in 1948.  He said to his class that everyone got a personalised horoscope from a famous astrologer.  They were asked to rate its accuracy. Most people felt it was an accurate description of them.  In actuality, everyone was given the same report.  The paper was loaded with qualities that people want to believe they possess.  So, the conclusion was that Astrology is just what people want to hear and therefore doesn’t work.

Do you see a problem with this study?  If you are testing whether astrology works or not, shouldn’t you be using astrology?  There was no astrology used in this study.  Therefore, the only thing this study proves is that people want to hear positive qualities about themselves.  Who wouldn’t?  I didn’t see anyone’s planetary positions, house positions, aspects, houses, elemental qualities, or any other astrological technique in this study.   Here is an equivalent conclusion: You clean your toilet with Ajax so you hate Chevy trucks.

I remember in one of my lectures I was telling a man about a certain facet of himself and he said he didn’t agree with my assessment.  I told him to look at his girlfriend sitting next to him.  She was nodding “yes”!  They talked amongst themselves and then he reluctantly said: “Well, ya, I guess I do have a tendency to do that.”  His girlfriend was laughing.  The difference here was instead of giving him a generalised sheet I was looking at the planetary configurations on the day of his birth: day, month, and year.  This was still a bit generalised because I didn’t include place and time of birth but I was still able to glean a characteristic from him that others in the room didn’t possess.

The point is a good astrologer will tell you about yourself and not that you will meet Prince Charming and how everything is rosy.  A good astrologer will give you the straight goods!  Do you want the straight goods?