I was watching Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix. As a typical astrologer, I asked myself what in his astrological chart would be the significators that would make him the way he was. Was he born to be a killer or did his life lead down that path? When you look at an astrological chart and find challenging characteristics, it does not necessarily indicate the person would be a murderer or, let alone, a cannibal.

Take, for instance, the charts of cult leader Charles Manson born on 12 November 1934 and astronomer Carl Sagan, born on 9 November 1934. They had very similar charts. They were both Taurus rising, and they both had the Scorpio stelliums in their charts, but they both had different careers if you could call Manson’s life path a career. We need to look at upbringing. Sagan’s parents were hard-working immigrants, but Manson’s father was never in his life, his mother sold him for a case of beer when he was an infant, and he spent most of his youth in juvenile delinquent centres.

Dahmer’s Chart

Jefferey Dahmer was born on 21 May 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. A lot is going on in this birth chart.


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1) The Ascendent

The Ascendant is the mask we wear to face the world. It is our first line of defence. It also helps describe what we look like. Dahmer had a pleasant Libra on Ascendant. At first glance, he seemed like a pleasant young man, not like a haggard biker who looked like he’d rip your head off if you looked at him the wrong way. Venus, the planet that rules the Ascendant, is in Taurus, which gives the ascendant ruler strength. It is in the eighth house of taboos, death and transformation. The energy could be used as a psychiatrist, a researcher, a sewer worker, or even a sex worker.

Negative attributes of Venus in the eighth house are the power of manipulation, sexual perversions, sexual dependencies, jealousy, and greed. This alone does not make one an axe murderer. He does have a few other attributes of note.

He always seemed like a strange person to his peers. The strangeness stems from Uranus, the planet of the oddball or eccentric, in his tenth house of his public persona. It means his public persona was one of a misfit.

2) Saturn Square Moon

One of the first things we can see is Saturn square the Moon. The Moon represents the mother, while Saturn represents difficulties or hardships. It was known that he had problems with the mother. With the Moon on the cusp of the 7th house, it indicated that he gets his needs met through relationships, but they were also difficult. It seems it is played out by him trying to win his mother’s love through relationships.

3) The Sun

One’s Sun is their identity, who they are growing into being this lifetime. His Sun, like Venus, is in the eighth house. Many of the attributes of an eighth house Sun revolve around money, but that wasn’t the case. He was living a life of taboos, as homosexuality was not accepted in the 1980s. It was focused more on profiting from other people’s needs and misfortunes. Most of his victims were from the gay community. A missing person in the gay community was not going to be missed as much as a college cheerleader.

The Sun represents the father. With the Sun in the eighth house, it suggests the father was like he was dead. In Dahmer’s case, his father was busy at work. Apparently, he also taught him about taxidermy, which would be considered an eighth house energy.

To add fuel to the fire, his Sun in the eighth squared his natal Pluto. Pluto, the planet of power, control, death, sex, and exploitation, is in the problematic square aspect to the Sun, which is in the house of taboos, death, and transformation. This exacerbates the Sun in the eighth house. Pluto also squares Mercury in the eighth, which in the chart of a good person might mean a good business sense and the power of persuasion, like selling salmon to a fisherman. However, in Dahmer’s chart, it manifests as the power of persuasion to his victims to their untimely demise. Mercury rules the ninth house of foreigners or people not like you, which is why he targeted predominantly black.


We have demonstrated here how a chart can represent what a person has the potential to do. Much of how the person will act out their chart’s potential in life is dependent on the person’s upbringing.