Franco (Jan 2021)

Note: If you are not familiar with astrology, this article will explain some concepts for you.  <Click Here>

Businesses also have birth charts.  If a business exists and then goes public, the initial public offering (IPO) is what demarks the birth.  With all the hype this week around GameStop, I decided to look at the chart to see what was going on.

GameStop trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as GME. The IPO or the birthday of the company was 12 February 2002.  The time of birth is the NYSE’s opening bell which occurs at 9:30. So, what was happening in the GameStop chart at the time of the outrageous price increase?  There is a lot going on in the chart and Uranus the planet of surprises, sudden changes, and rebellion has his fingers all over this chart.  The Rebel Redditt crew had a revolution in the hedgefunders backyard.   Uranus is transiting through Taurus, the home of earthly rooted matters.  Let’s say there was an earthquake in the stock market.  I will not pretend to know the ins and outs of this business but nevertheless this was a shake up.


  1. Transiting Jupiter was exactly on natal Neptune.  Jupiter is growth and expansion and it was on nebulous Neptune in the 10th house of the company’s and making a positive aspect to the Saturn in the 2nd house of its finances. So basically a growth period.
  2. Uranus can be sudden events. Chaotic and disruptive transiting Uranus is in the first house and it is in an exact trine to natal Chiron. Chiron in a personal chart represents wounds but also how one can be a maverick. A maverick stock would be a good description.
  3. Transiting Mercury, the ruler of the chart’s second house of finances, is conjunct chaotic natal Uranus.  Mercury will be going retrograde on 30 January so it will go back over this point a couple times so expect a roller coaster ride with this stock.
  4. Pluto represents hidden treasures and death and transformation.  Transiting Pluto was square (difficult aspect) to the Ascendant or the face of the business.


The technique called Solar Arcs is where we advance all the planets a degree per year. This will give us major events in the life of the person or a business in this case.


  1. Pluto represents death and transformation. Pluto is also about secrets and hidden treasures. Solar Arc (SA) Pluto was exactly conjunct natal Chiron. Chiron in business charts will have to study but maybe we can look at this a healing of a business or transformation through its wounds?
  2. SA North Node, the future direction of the business is about to be conjunct the 4th house of endings. It will be exact in one month. Do they go belly up finally? The 4th house is real estate.  Do they sell all their stores and go on line with this new life?

As it was explained to me, stocks are for the share holders of the company.  Some of the money can be floated back into the company as an investment to grow but stocks are much like house prices.  Why is the same house in Toronto worth 1/3 the amount in Yellowknife?  It is what people are willing to pay.  We will have to examine the NYSE after this stock revolution!




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